Team Manager Module 2 Course

Venue: Citygate Business Centre, Southampton Street, Reading, RG1 2QW

Time: TBC

Team Manager training is designed to ensure any volunteers who are taking groups of athletes to competition or camps, locally or abroad, are fully equipped to do their role.

This course is recommended for anyone aged 18 or over who has already attended Team Manager Module 1 Course.  

Module 2 - Overnight Stays and Travel Abroad This training is designed for Team Managers who have attended the ASA Team Manager Module 1 training and have gained experience in Team Managing at a local level.

This workshop builds upon these experiences and aims to equip a Team Manager to manage a team staying overnight or travelling abroad effectively.

The workshop is designed to achieve the following five objectives:

1. To build on learning from Module 1 and share experiences

2. To raise awareness of key areas in being a safe and effective Team Manager when staying away from home and travelling abroad

3. To identify likely problems and challenges associated with overnight stays and travelling abroad

4. To understand the value of risk assessments

5. To be aware of where further help, guidance and support is available.

Please contact us if you would like to attend.