The following competitions are available to all swimmers over 8 years old:

05/03/16  Souh East Region Novice Competition, Farnborough: Junior Figures

25/05/16  LEN European Masters Championships, London Aquatics Centre:  Adult and Masters

18/06/16  Hampshire Age Groups: Junior figures and routines, minimum skill levels required

24/09/16  Sout East Recreational Competition: Junior Recreaional Teams

29/10/16  Scotland National Age Groups- Scotland:  Junior Figures & Teams

05/11/16  British Masters Championships, Rugby: Adult and Masters Swimmers only

02/12/16  National Age Groups, Gloucester: Junior Teams


19/03/16  Skill Assesment Day - Reading

14/05/16  Skill Assessment Day- Reading

10/09/16  Skill Assessment Day - Reading

01/10/16  Skill Assessment Day - Burnham

Most swimmers will be working towards gaining their Skill Levels.   Regional skill assessments are held throughout the year.
Your Coach will tell you which skill you are working towards and which assessment we will enter you in.  If you are unsure please speak to you coach. 


15/01/16  ASA Level 1 Coaching in Synchronised Swimming - Petersfield

31/01/16  Basic Assessors Course SE Region

21/02/16  Basic Judge training Course SE Region

09/04/16  Assessors Course SE Region SK1,2,3

09/04/16  Advanced Assessors Course

18/09/16  Hampshire Developement Day

The Assessors Courses will give you an understanding of how to assess Skill levels at the regional assessments.
In order for our swimmers to take their skills, we are required to provide skill assessors to help at the assessment days.  We therefore need volunteers to attend the assessor courses and become skill assessors. 
The courses are open to everyone and you do not need prior synchro knowledge.
If you would like to attend, the course will be subsidised by the club.  Please speak to Chris Martin


11/09/16  Petersfield Display
- Petersfield Open Air Pool