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What is Synchronised swimming?

    Synchronised swimming is a hybrid of swimming, dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers (either solos, duets, trios, or teams) performing a synchronised routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music. 

As swimmers are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool, synchronised swimming demands advanced water skills in addition to great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater.

Competitors show off their strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance required to perform difficult routines.

 Swimmers perform two routines for the judges, one technical and one free, as well as age group routines and figures.

Synchronised swimming is governed internationally by FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) and nationally by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) 

Learn more about synchronised swimming at http://www.swimming.org/synchro/