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  1. Report from Novice Figure Rushmoor Hill Trophy Competition

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    Some of our younger swimmers had a chance to experience competition last week at the Novice Figure Rushmoor Hill Trophy Competition in Farnborough.

    PADS secured some great results and all the swimmers learned a lot, some of them in their first ever competition.

    12 & Under Grade 0

    2nd. Gracie Tottle
    5th. Ophelia Goldsmith
    11th. Emma Dolak
    15th. Tallulah White
    17th. Charlotte Torrence
    20th. Eilidh Neill
    21st. Willow Brewer Hall
    22nd. Freya Lambert
    23rd. Sophia Pateman
    30th. Amelia Richardson

    12 & Under Grade 1

    4th. Kelley Parker
    6th. Seren Jones
    7th. Carys Hughes
    8th. Isabel Ship

    13 to 15

    5th. Laura Cruickshank

  2. Results from the Hampshire Age Group Championships 2019

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    PADS swimmers put up a strong performance in the 2019 Hampshire Age Group Championships, held in Aldershot on September 21.

    The results were:

    15-18 Figures

    10th. Lauren Phelp


    13-15 Figures

    13th. Isabelle Jupe

    14th. Tia Tattersall

    15th. Breanna Neill

    17th. Marianne Shaul

    25th. Milly Morris


    12 and Under

    4th. April Doherty

    6th. Macey Parker

    8th. Ruby Moorse

    10th. Anne-Sophie Shaul

  3. Silver medal and great swims at the 2019 Combo Cup

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    Portsmouth and District Synchro teams put on a great display at the 2019 Combo Cup at the London Aquatic Centre.

    All our teams swam really well with the 13-15 Division 1 team finishing 6th and the 12 and Under Division 1 team finishing 11th.

    However, the 15-18 Division 1 team swam brilliantly to claim a silver medal. That means a PADS team has now won a silver medal in every year since the Combo Cup started in 2017!

    15-18 Division 1 team

    It was a long day for all our swimmers with a 730am start for some, not returning until well after midnight, but everyone did the club proud.