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  1. Grading Results Update

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    All our swimmers work hard every week on their basic skills and in the last 3 months several have acheived new grading passes.

    The list of recent achievements is:

    Grading at Reading 9/9/18
    Grade 1 - Millie Morris, Ruby Moorse, April Doherty, Isabel Ship, Isabella Clarke, Vianne Spiller & Lauren Rust.
    Grade 2 - Isabelle Jupe, Breanna Neill and Beth Alford.
    Grading at Burnham 6/10/18
    Grade 1 - Jasmine Pitchford
    Grade 3 - Marianne Shaul
    Grading at Hertford 17/11/18
    Grade 1 - Shannon Lanaghan and Laura Cruickshank
    Grading at Reading 9/12/18
    Grade 1 - Bethany Street
    Grade 2 - Saffron Finch, Isabella Clarke, Lucy Mackay and April Doherty 
    Grade 3 - Tia Tattersall