Parents Commitment

Why you need to make a commitment to your child and their swimming club

PADS will make a commitment to your child. Please remember, all the coaches at the club are volunteers and give their time freely to help ensure your child develops their swimming skills in a safe, protected environment.

We ask in return that you make a commitment to the club in line with the club’s commitment to your child. It doesn’t have to be very time-consuming and can be as simple as ensuring your child turns up for training on time.

Here are a few ways in which we ask you show your commitment:

  • Take an interest in your child’s activity and progress and be supportive.
  • Find out what the club has to offer in terms of coaching sessions and competitions.
  • Be punctual when dropping off and picking up your children for/from coaching and competitions.
  • Take an interest in your child’s swimming and have clear lines of communication to keep up with your child’s progress.
  • If you are unable to stay at training/competitions, ensure your child has all the required equipment and ensure that the club has an emergency contact number for you. A mobile would be preferable, and ensure you leave it switched on so you can be contacted in an emergency.
  • Advise the Club welfare officer if your child has any particular needs, such as allergies or learning difficulties, to ensure they are provided for in the best way possible, and ensure any relevant new concerns/illnesses or ongoing treatments are reported appropriately to the club welfare officer or coach.

Consider becoming a volunteer

Once your child starts to feel comfortable at a club you may wish to get more involved yourself. Feel free to offer your services as a volunteer. People giving time freely are the lifeblood of any club.

You may have specific skills that you can offer. Clubs are always looking for people to help run it, assist at galas, join the committee, or take part in fundraising activities.

Alternatively, you may wish to train as a swimming teacher or coach, ASA timekeeper or judge.

We regularly run free poolside helper courses which give you basic coaching skills to assist our coaches on poolside. 

The club can only run with the help of the parents like you who become willing volunteers. Please do not hold back from offering to help.

Speak to any of the committee members about what help is required and see if you can assist to help in the smooth running of the club for your child as well as all club members.