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  1. PADS swimmers put up a strong performance in the 2019 Hampshire Age Group Championships, held in Aldershot on September 21.

    The results were:

    15-18 Figures

    10th. Lauren Phelp


    13-15 Figures

    13th. Isabelle Jupe

    14th. Tia Tattersall

    15th. Breanna Neill

    17th. Marianne Shaul

    25th. Milly Morris


    12 and Under

    4th. April Doherty

    6th. Macey Parker

    8th. Ruby Moorse

    10th. Anne-Sophie Shaul

  2. Portsmouth and District Synchro teams put on a great display at the 2019 Combo Cup at the London Aquatic Centre.

    All our teams swam really well with the 13-15 Division 1 team finishing 6th and the 12 and Under Division 1 team finishing 11th.

    However, the 15-18 Division 1 team swam brilliantly to claim a silver medal. That means a PADS team has now won a silver medal in every year since the Combo Cup started in 2017!

    15-18 Division 1 team

    It was a long day for all our swimmers with a 730am start for some, not returning until well after midnight, but everyone did the club proud.