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  1. 2018 has been a fantastic year for PADS swimmers and we are making waves (pun entirely intended) in the local press.

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  2. pads_team_SE_regionals_2018It was triple gold for PADS at the South East Regionals held at the K2 in Crawley. Both the PADS 13-15 and 15-18 teams took gold with their routines. There was also a figures clean sweep in the 13-18 age group with PADS swimmers taking all three medals and PADS dominating the top 10 placings.

    A huge well done to the 12 & Under team who placed 5th with a great score.

    15-18 Team

    Emily Jupe
    Isabel Benson
    Abby Mitchell
    Hazel Lee
    Megan Lee
    Saffron Finch
    Beth Birch
    Lauren Philip
    Lauren Shaul

    Coach: Jen Richards

    13-15 Team

    Isabelle Jupe
    Breanna Neill
    Marianne Shaul
    Eloise Coath
    Tia Tattersall
    Vianne Spiller
    Jasmine Pitchford
    Isabella Clarke

    Coach: Laetitia Shaul

    Figures Results

    GOLD: Isabel Benson

    SILVER: Emily Jupe

    BRONZE: Marianne Shaul

  3. The PADS 13-15 team won 2nd place at this year's Combo Cup Competition at the London Aquatics Centre.

    A huge well done to our other three teams who took part, our 12 & Under Team placing 16th, 15 & Under Team placing 14th and 15 & Over team placing 5th.


    13-15 Team: Eloise Coath, Isabella Clarke, Breanna Neill, Tia Tattersall, Vianne Spiller, Jasmine Pitchford, Isabelle Jupe, Marianne Shaul     Team coach: Laetitia Shaul

    This was the second year that the Combo Cup has been held. PADS were successful at the first event in Manchester in 2017 with the 13-15 team also winning silver.